“The Queen of Hills” straddles at a ridge 2134 metres and is surrounded by tea plantations on all sides, Darjeeling has been a very popular hill station since the British period.These days people come here to escape from the heat, humidity, and hassle of the north Indian plain.Here you will find yourself surrounded by mountain people from all over the eastern Himalaya.
Like many places in the Himalaya, half the fun is in getting there and Darjeeling has the unique attraction of its famous Toy Train.This miniature train loops and switchbacks its way up the steep mountainsides from New Jalpaiguri to Darjeeling.

Climate and Clothing:

April – June:  Pleasent Weather, Light Wollen
July – Sept :   Rainy Season, Wollen
Oct :                Fair Warm Climate, Light Wollen
Nov – Dec:     Cold, Warm Wollen
Jan – March:  Very Chilly, Heavy Warm Clothes